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Everyone, including those who have tried different variants in the treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism, the rehabilitation center gives a reliable chance to get rid of the addiction.It does not matter how much alcohol dependence you have reached, how much time and what drugs you use – smoking mixtures or methadone, amphetamine.

After drug abstinence syndrome and general therapeutic care, you must go through a full rehabilitation course. Psychiatrists and psychologists of the narcological rehabilitation center will help to understand themselves and neutralize the motivations that prompted the use of narcotic substances and alcohol. The process of detoxing oxycontin is not easy and that is the reason that you can bring the best deals now.

A comprehensive treatment program is also supplemented with a social component. In the rehabilitation center for drug addicts and alcohol addicts are assisted in the issues of resocialization and help to return to school, work, and family.

Drug addiction and alcoholism in figures

The regional narcological service informs that in the Voronezh region about 70,000 people consume drugs of varying degrees. In the city, 2,4 thousand points related to the drug business were recorded. At the same time, the availability in places in narcological clinics is 0.99 with a rate of 2 beds per 10,000 population. Doctors are also concerned about the growth of alcohol addicts and a high percentage of deaths in their environment: an average of over 1,500 people with alcohol poisoning enter the hospital annually, 60% of them cannot be saved.

Treatment of drug addiction in the rehabilitation center

  • In the center you will be offered to clean the body of harmful substances – this is a standard approach, treatment of drug addiction elsewhere will also begin with detoxification. Dependence is caused even by drugs of vegetable origin, and then what about other “chemistry”?
  • The treatment of drug addiction must be taken seriously. The greatest danger is the psychological craving for the narcotic substance, which no drugs can neutralize. Therefore, the treatment of drug addiction will take a long time; the experts will be rehabilitating the patient psychologists, psychiatrists, social counselors.
  • There are various trainings, exchange of experience in the groups of mutual support, comprehensive education, and development of creative talents. But such an integrated treatment organization is guaranteed to be reassuring, drug addiction will be defeated.

Treatment of alcoholism in a rehabilitation center

Crossing the line separating drunkenness in everyday life and alcohol dependence is easy. Take urgent measures, start treatment for alcoholism, the center will help you in this. The fight against cravings for alcohol provides for a comprehensive treatment technique.

With the help of medications, the patient is taken out of the state of drinking-bout, detoxification procedures are carried out, but the treatment of drug addiction is also psychotherapy, an analysis of motives that pushed a person to a bottle of alcohol, help in transition to sobriety, adaptation to healthy living conditions. Experienced narcologists and psychiatrists should work with the patient.

In the treatment of alcoholism, one cannot discount the factor of voluntariness: the realization that abuse of alcohol brings suffering and destroys fate is the basis for a complete cure.

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