Maintaining Air conditioners in Singapore

The specialist advises individuals and companies at least 1 x per year air-conditioning maintenance to be carried out and, if necessary, to repair and clean. This has to do with the fact that air conditioners contain environmentally harmful refrigerants. During such maintenance, the air conditioning service checks the installation for leaks and operation, and the entire installation will be cleaned and inspected.


Is your air conditioning no longer working properly and do you suspect that a repair is needed? Then contact the reliable aircon repair Singapore, your air conditioning specialist. You can request a quote from them so that a professional can come and have the repair to your air conditioning expertly and quickly carried out. Not having your air conditioning repaired in time is not only unsafe; your energy consumption will also suffer greatly. You will notice this in the costs, repair is necessary!

Refill the airco

In addition to the standard maintenance, it is also important to periodically replenish the refrigerant of the climate control system. On average you lose about 10-15% of the coolant per year. The less of this means, the worse your air conditioning cools, and the more wear can occur. However, topping up the coolant is a task that you cannot carry out yourself. You should therefore also connect to an air-conditioning service in your area. The specialist can use the correct techniques and materials to open the air conditioning to fill the refrigerant. They are happy to help you.

Request quote

Does your air conditioning no longer work well and are you looking for an air conditioning specialist or air conditioning service where you can clean your appliance? Then you have to contact with best deal developer sales in Singapore. Contact them via the contact form available on their site and one of the specialists will contact you soon. Together with him you can go through your questions about repairs and he will give you an overview of the costs. Need a maintenance contract? You can also close that with them.


What can you do for maintenance yourself?

Some parts of the periodic maintenance that you can carry out yourself in order to prevent problems are:

  • Checking the outdoor unit

To prevent your air conditioner from consuming excessive amounts of energy, or making weird noises during cooling, the outdoor unit should be free of dirt, dust and other obstacles. Check this regularly, and clean the unit.

  • Cleaning the filters

This prevents dust and other unpleasant air elements from being blown inwards. Clean the filters by dusting or washing them, depending on the model.

  • Cleaning the indoor unit

This is also important, because this prevents any mold on the device.

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